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Morgan tower has spent huge capital on inviting masters team in the architectural design and management. Tailor the plan for the project, from the detailed architectural details to the full-range services. Professional service staff are standby 24 hours, providing high quality VIP services to CEO Provide property owners with sense of security for overseas investment, rest assured upon us in the whole process and enjoy the rewards.


Structural Design


Joint development Canadia Enterprise Group

The Canadia Enterprise Group with lord PUNG Kheav Se as the CEO has been developing many fields in Cambodia for many years. Its main business is banking, finance, construction and real estate. The company includes: Canadia Bank, Siem Reap Cultural Village, Canadia Industrial Park, Diamond Island of Phnom Penh and Cambodia Airport Investment Co., Ltd which will assist the government to operate and manage the Cambodia New Airport.

Architectural design American HKS
Architectural Design Co., Ltd

HKS, the top five architecture firm from the United States has 24 offices in the world and more than 1500 works in 92 countries. It particularly excels in the design of office headquarters, stadiums, hotel resorts, casinos and other works with the perfect design philosophy. The classic representatives are the Macao Venice Resort Hotel in Macao, Tianjin Rockefeller Rose Stone Financial Center and LEAR Headquarters in Detroit, USA.

Construction Consultant China Haicheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

The China Haicheng International Engineering Investment Institute affiliated to SASAC of the State Council is one of the largest comprehensive joint-stock engineering companies in China providing the general contract services of consulting, design, supervision and construction. It has won the title of “Top 500 Chinese Construction Enterprises” and “Top 50 Enterprises in China For Engineering Design and Consulting”.

Property consultant CBRE

Originated in the United States with more than 200 years of history, the company listed in Fortune 500 and the Standard & Poor’s 500 global enterprise, with more than 450 offices in the world (excluding joint ventures) providing world-class operation and management services for property owners, investors and tenants.

The Deepest Urban Developer in Cambodia

Canadia Enterprise Group

The investor of Morgan Tower, Canadia Enterprise Group is a large-scale comprehensive development group headed by Lord PUNG Kheav Se. Its subsidiaries are dominated by banking, finance, construction and real estate industries, covering all fields and industries. The main companies of Canadia Enterprise Group in Cambodia include: Canadia Bank, Siem Reap Cultural Village, Canadia Industrial Park, Diamond Island of Phnom Penh, Chroủy Changvar Satellite City, as well as New City for Water Purification, New Phnom Penh International Airport, New National Stadium, Cambodian University of Science and Technology. Among them, Canadia Bank affiliated to Canadia Enterprise Group is one of the largest commercial banks in Cambodia. So far, 56 branches have been set up in all provinces of Cambodia and overseas branches have been set up in Laos. Lord PUNG Kheav Se who understands Chinese has a long history of cooperation with Chinese investors and enjoys close ties with them. He also has the strong support of the Chinese and Cambodian governments. He also says that he will always work with Chinese investors to seek common development and jointly promote Cambodia to become one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia.

The Joint Cooperation with Great Visions

Ford & Canadia Enterprise Group

Morgan Ford Group which has been developing in Cambodia for many years has cooperated with Canadia Enterprise Group in depth for decades and has gathered strong development strength. Morgan Ford has joined hands with the Canadia Enterprise Group to build many landmark buildings, such as Canadia Tower, Diamond island Triumphal Arch, Olympic City, Sorya Shopping Center, Tifc Shopping Center, Jinbaocheng Shopping Center and it will also be engaged in the joint development of the New City for Water Purification. The two giant companies will definitely become the partners with the greatest power for development and operation in Cambodia.

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